I'm Nina.

Hi and welcome to the world of
The Midlife Revolution!

First of all, I want you to know that you are in good, credible and capable hands, as not only did I completely revolutionize my own life twice, but alongside the experience I also extensively studied and worked with other people (and still do of course) on transformation and change and pretty much anything in the realm of maximizing human potential, which I believe is infinite.

Originally from Poland, at the age of 20 I decided that my life ambitions were bigger than what I could achieve in my country (with no money and no connections).

I packed one bag and following 24 hours on a coach, I arrived in the UK at London’s Victoria Station without being able to speak one word of English and not knowing anyone. My plan was just to learn the language, as I knew that without speaking English I wouldn’t be able to achieve as much in life.

Fast forward 18 years….

Not only did I achieve my goal of learning the language, but I also successfully completed 9 professional qualifications (including a Masters), had a 17 year long career where I went from a Christmas Temporary Production Assistant, to Manager, Trainer, Senior Manufacturing Manager and few other roles in between, before ending up being a People Partner & Facilitator, and working with the company’s Founders on ‘all things people’ and organizational development.

Alongside full time work and studies I was also a Tutor & Assessor for The Chartered Management Institute’s Management and Leadership qualifications and was the CMIs Board Member for the past 3 years. I’m currently studying Psychology & Neuroscience of Mental Health (MSc).

Outside of my professional life, after arriving in the UK I got married to the love of my life who I met at work, and I became a mummy to two mischievous Dalmatians named Nala & Mickey. I fully embraced my love for travel, exploration and discovery of the world by visiting on average 6 countries/places every year (I love remote places so the Arctic & Easter Island were some of my favorites).

I went from a Polish girl who dreamt of one day being able to buy a pair of jeans without having to save for 6 months first, to creating a life that was way beyond my wildest dreams! Handsome husband, gorgeous dogs, dream career, great house, the car I really wanted, travel, learning, …tick, tick, tick…

Then came New Year’s Eve 2021/2022. I made the discovery that the past 4 years of my life were based on lies and betrayal, as my husband was living a double life pretty much from the minute I said yes to his proposal.

The only thing I was left with was a choice:
To fall apart alongside the life I had created or use this experience to build something different, better and with much stronger foundations.

In a nutshell, by the age of 38, I have completely revolutionized and reinvented my life twice, with the most recent revolution being The Midlife Revolution.

Getting divorced, selling the house, quitting my career after 17 years, packing one suitcase, taking my beloved dogs and a one way ticket halfway across the world could have been perceived as a midlife crisis caused by the betrayal, but it was far from it!

I wanted this process to be a lesson.

I decided to maximize my learnings from it, and I didn’t want the next few years of my life to be defined or driven by it.

I wanted to get better, not bitter.
I wanted  wisdom, not wounds.
I wanted to be driven by love, not hatred.

Having completely revolutionized my life over the past few months, I am an example of the truth that your future doesn’t have to be determined by your past and that you don’t have to suffer for years (or even months) because of pain caused yesterday. I am an example of what’s possible when you decide to finally choose you, when you decide what you really want life to be and are prepared to do the work to make it happen.

There is enough suffering in the world. We need better, happier lives that are in the now and driving us towards a better future. Life’s too short to be stuck in the past and built on old wounds, regrets or missed opportunities.

I experienced my revolution from two different angles: from one direction by wanting to create something different and better in my life, and the other one driven by the adversity I was challenged with. I know how to shape The Midlife Revolution process from both points of entry to ensure the process is effective and brings lasting positive transformation to you and your life.

I trust that the brief overview of my story has given you enough insight into my skills and experience to feel comfortable in my company and know that you are in good hands, so let’s get your revolution under way!

How do I know what I know and how do I know that it works?

I consider revolutionizing my own life twice the biggest lessons and accomplishments one could wish for, but being the ambitious beast that I am, I always make sure that my experience goes hand in hand with professional knowledge. But of course, don’t just take my word for it, here are some of my ‘professional brain stretchers’:


King’s College London (in progress)

Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health MSc

Chartered Management Institute

Chartered Manager (CMgr MCMI)

Chartered Management Institute

CMI Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Leadership and Management

London Kingston University

MSc Human Resource Management

American Union of NLP

NLP Master Practitioner NLP Master Practitioner


MBTI Step 1 and 2

Highfield Qualifications

Level 3 Award in Understanding the Principles and Practices of Assessment (RQF)

NLP World

NLP Coach and Practitioner

Chartered Management Institute

Level 5 Diploma in Leadership & Management

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Human Resources Management

Centre of Excellence

Diploma in Life Coaching

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

CIPD Level 3 Training Practice Certificate