The Midlife Revolution

If your life called you today… what would it say to you?

Who we are

We are the most comfortable generation there has ever been in the history of the world.
We have more possibilities and opportunities than there have ever been on this planet.
We have quicker and easier access to more resources than ever before, with the world literally at our fingertips.


We are more unhappy, stressed, anxious, worried and depressed than ever before. (‘Nearly one billion people worldwide suffer from some form of mental disorder’, according to the latest UN data, UN News 2022.)

Life doesn’t have to be like that though.

In fact, that’s not why we are here and how we are meant to go through the amazing opportunity we have been given to (very briefly!) experience this wonderful planet.

I’m a total queen of turning situations from tragic to magic, getting better – not bitter, and creating lives that are impossible not to truly love and be in love with (to the point where you have to pinch yourself to make sure you are not dreaming!).

This is for you if...
This is not for you if...

You are happy to continue life in a semi asleep state whilst running predominantly on the same autopilot you have been on for years…working with me might not be for you.

I don’t do half arsed, mediocre, boring or standard – it’s either HELL YEAH, or it’s a no. I’m a no nonsense person and right from the get go I want to be clear that I am not into ‘blueprints’, ‘formulas’, ‘secret keys’, ‘magic bullets’ or whatever other terms used in marketing to make you believe that with the click of the ‘buy’ button you just purchased the perfect solution, your problems will be solved and your life will magically change.

Not only does it not work but on the whole, when it comes to life and the magic & uniqueness of each human being… reducing it to a blueprint or a formula is simply insulting in my eyes.

I’m here to work with you as the special person that you are and we will work on creating a solution that works for YOU.

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About Me
My name is Nina Szewczak, MSc, CMgr, FCMI, (She/Her) and I’m The Midlife Revolution Specialist. 

My experience, expertise & professional education combine over 17 years of work & study in the realm of transformation and change, leadership and management, coaching and mentoring and HR and I am currently studying Psychology & Neuroscience of Mental Health.

Alongside my professional learning and growth, I completely revolutionized my own life twice, once driven by a desire to create a better life and once driven by an adversity I was facing, as up until NYE 21/22 I was living my dream life in the UK, or so I thought…
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Learn how to:
Get better not bitter
Choose wisdom over wounds
Choose courage over fear
Lead with love, not hatred
And create life you love and are in love with… every. single. day.

The Midlife Revolution Book

When you are ready to revolutionize your life and create one you truly love and are in love with – grab your free copy of The Midlife Revolution ebook here.

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Had your heart shattered into a billion pieces and have no idea how you will ever find them again, let alone heal your heart? Let me help you, right here, right now! Access the ‘How to get over your heartbreak FAST and with WISDOM, NOT WOUNDS’ session here.

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Lemonade Book

To learn how to turn any lemons thrown your way into a delish lemonade and change any situation from tragic to magic – get your hands on a copy of ‘Lemonade’ now!

Discover How You Can Work With Me
The Midlife Revolution Course

What exactly is The Midlife Revolution?

“Thank God, you are talking about and helping people with The Midlife Revolution as I’m so tired of all the focus being on the Midlife Crisis and it being so negative” (Andrew P.)

I chose to include the quote above because when I searched for the definition of Midlife Revolution, I discovered that there isn’t one due to the focus being indeed on midlife crisis and it being perceived as a negative experience.
Since there wasn’t a definition for The Midlife Revolution I created one:

‘The Midlife Revolution is when life truly begins. You finally take the reins and start living. It’s the time in your life when you wake up, realize that you have been given an incredible opportunity to experience a wonderful planet, you have been equipped with the most sophisticated and intelligent machine on this planet known as your body, and you are in charge of creating the experience you want to have. You become the CEO of your life, take full responsibility and begin your journey towards the destiny you desire.’


The Executive Trainer and Consultant Course

Unlock your potential and take your career to the next level with our Executive Consultant and Trainer Course! Our comprehensive program will equip you with the essential skills and knowledge to become an effective leader, consultant, and trainer. With our expert instruction, you will develop an in-depth understanding of organisational dynamics, leadership strategies, and training methodologies.

Whether you are looking to advance in your current role, start your own consulting business, or make a career change, our course will give you the tools and confidence to achieve your goals. You will learn to effectively communicate with clients and stakeholders, facilitate meetings and workshops, and design and deliver impactful training programs.

Our curriculum is designed to provide hands-on learning experiences, so you can put your newfound skills into practice right away. You will work with a diverse group of professionals, giving you the opportunity to network and build valuable relationships. You will also receive personalised feedback and support from our experienced instructors.

Don’t wait to take your career to the next level. Enroll in our Executive Consultant and Trainer Course today and join the ranks of confident, successful leaders in your field!


1:1 Coaching & Mentoring

Ready to become revolutionary?

Whether you want to gain clarity, start your own revolution, need some guidance or simply a rocket up your backside to get you quicker towards your destination – I’m here for you.
And I won’t let you get away without ensuring you get your desired results first!

Want to treat someone to a revolutionary gift?

If you are looking for something special, is there really a better gift
than a kick start into a better, happier and more fulfilling life?


“The fire that lights people up, maverick, inspiration, trailblazer, fearless”… as well as “a highly accomplished leader with a rare ability to bring together deep commercial and operational experience with extensive leadership and transformational skills.” – these are some of the words and feedback I have been described by, by people who have experienced working with me, who have seen me speak at various events and/or who were trained and developed by me.

I am a deeply passionate individual who brings bags of enthusiasm and high energy combined with competence and credibility and will leave your audience not only inspired and motivated,
but believing in themselves more and hungry to BE and DO MORE.
As a very practical and solution focused person, I always aim to ensure people don’t just leave inspired, as for me, inspiration, unless it’s actually used and applied in some way can be pretty useless. It’s lovely to hear a nice story but unless it truly helps to transform someone or something in a practical way, I see it as a potential waste of time and money. And since time is the most valuable resource we have and money follows not far behind, I am keen to ensure neither of them are used unwisely.

Due to my extensive experience in revolutionizing, changing and transforming lives as well as businesses I can work with you in either capacity and ensure my time with you, your team or your business will be tailored to your individual needs and will truly benefit the audience.

Ready to bring some magic, energy and real solutions to your business and teams?

Coming Soon...

For your Change & Transformation in Business Consultancy requirements, invitation for keynote speaking, and other questions, feel free to reach out.

Don’t just take my word for it, here is what people say about me:
You are a true inspiration to all of us and you do it with pure honesty and dignity, and it shows us that no matter what life throws at us we can shine through the storm. Keep being the totally amazing beauty you are. We love being part of your journey ❤️❤️ xxxx xxxx
You, my lovely, are just bloody awesome ❤️You show us all that have either gone through or are going through things that YES…even with heartache we CAN and will survive anything ❤️ True bloody warrior right there!!!! You are an amazing woman and I love seeing your posts ❤️ Love always
So interesting following you around the world. Never give up. It’s an amazing experience to share with others, too inspire others to make their own journeys, find their own destiny’s. You’re amazing.
You are such an inspiration, Nina. Sprinkling hope wherever she goes.
Nina, you are the strongest person I know. The way you view life and make changes you need to keep your ❤️ and 🧠 strong is truly inspiring , you are a Wonder Woman 😘
Nina....I love all your posts 🤩🥰 Your post on FB the other day about Instagram Vs Reality....I took a screenshot and sent it to a client. I don't know exactly what you've been through, but my client has gone through something similar by the sound of it. She said your words were so inspiring and she resonated with a lot of it. I just wanted to let you know 🥰🥰 I'm so happy for you, and you're inspiring me too 👌
You are such an inspiration, Nina. Sprinkling hope wherever she goes.
Go Nina. A true heartfelt share and you have inspired many with your postings in more ways than you know. Keep going from strength to strength and keep sharing.
I just wanted to say thank you for sharing as your continued messages, posts and pictures over your journey recently have been very inspirational and thought provoking and I am sure give a lot of people a sense of individual worth which I think you are inspiring in people. The openness and willing to share is really touching which I know at times I bet has been quite raw and difficult. I just wanted to say that I hope(I know you will) your journey continues to inspire and your message of paying forward is beautiful ! You are a great ambassador Nina
I didn't know so much of your story Nina, thank you for sharing. You inspire me so much and I always look forward to your posts!
Miss Nina, you really have to write a book, such an inspiration and just goes to show what a strong incredible woman you are.


Want more free tools, techniques, solutions and insights?
Check out my articles here…and remember inspiration without implementation won’t bring any magic, let alone a revolution…

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Learn how to navigate it effectively.

Personal Journey

Interested in getting insights into my personal midlife revolution journey?
You are invited!
Welcome to the world of my perosnal journey of discovery and evolution.


What a hell of a journey this year has been.

Acknowledgements, Credits and Expression of My Infinite Gratitude

They say that it takes a village to raise a child and I believe that it also takes a village to help us become the people we want to become throughout the rest of our lives.

All of our journeys are influenced, shaped and inspired by other people, with some playing a very significant role, and I’d like to acknowledge that and express my deepest gratitude and appreciation to some very special beings.

Although there are of course other people who influenced my overall life journey, who are very close to my heart, who held my hand and who were my cheerleaders at various points, and who I will always be extremely grateful for, I would like to give the utterly deserved credit to few masters who played a vital role in The Midlife Revolution I executed this year and who helped me to create The Midlife Revolution brand.

And last but not least, my friends and family. I keep my closest circle small so you know who you are and you know that my gratitude and appreciation for you is, and forever will be, to infinity and beyond. I consider myself an extremely fortunate human being and you are playing a vital role in making my life experience as incredible and truly out of this world as it really is. Thank you!

Friends and Family